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  • Database for writing
    • Diabetes and hypertension survey: DMHT [ZIP Thai] [ZIP English]
    • Thai Nurse Cohort Study: TNCS [ZIP]
    • Emergency Medical Services: EMS [ZIP Thai] [ZIP English]
    • Prospective Cohort Study of Thai Children: PCTC [ZIP Thai] [ZIP English]  
    • Data from routine care (Thai Care Cloud): 
    • EGAT Cohort Study [CRF1] [CRF2] [CRF3] [CRF4]
    • Cholangiocarcinomar Screening and Care Program (CASCAP)

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Icon on Project  2017 Hands-on Writing Workshop: MPH, DrPH, PhD. students: Research-based curriculum
Default icon for project  510703 ทฤษฎีด้านสาธารณสุข (Theories of Public Health):
Icon on Project  516 731: ระเบียบวิธีวิจัยทางสุขภาพ เทอม 2 ปี 2558
Icon on Project  A01: Logistic Regression
Icon on Project  A01: Stat Village
Icon on Project  A02: Survival Analysis
Icon on Project  Cameron's sessions: 2015
Icon on Project  Cameron's sessions: 2014:
Icon on Project  Camerons sessions: 2013
Icon on Project  Workshop: Cancer Epidemiology and Routine data sources in cancer epidemiology: Cancer Epidemiology Workshop
Default icon for project  Z00: Statistics 2017
Default icon for project  z01: Data Management 2017
Default icon for project  Z02: EzForm and Thai Care Cloud